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Introduction to Atomic Design and Pattern Lab

Jeff Whitfield

When it comes to designing and developing websites, one of the biggest topics today is the use of design systems and style guides. One of the newest design systems is called Atomic Design. Created by Brad Frost, Atomic Design is a system that uses atoms, molecules, and organisms as metaphors to break down a website into its basic components. In this presentation we’ll explore how Atomic Design works as well as how to use it using a tool called Pattern Lab. 

About Jeff Whitfield

Jeff's career as a web designer/developer has focused on helping people build cutting-edge, custom websites using emerging standards, modern design, and the latest development techniques and frameworks. He is currently focused on building up his co-op web services business, Soulcraft Group.

This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Improving. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Improving.