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Re-learning UX: What An Experienced Web Pro Should Know About Mobile UX

Adam Polansky

Every day we hear that any company that isn't on the train to Mobiletown will suffer the fate of the dinosaurs.  If you are a UX pro and you aren't working on mobile apps or optimized web sites, you will be asked sooner or later.

If you cut your teeth on the web, you probably hope that most of the same rules and conventions will also apply to mobile. Sure, some adjustments may be obvious; touch-screen, device differences, smaller screen space, etc. but there's definitely more too it that.   Adam Polansky has some good news and bad news.  

  • The bad news: You will have to abandon many of your long-cherished conventions for web design.  
  • The good news: You won't have to abandon everything you know. 
  • MORE good news: The way people feel about "their" apps makes UX and usability more indispensable than ever.

After a decade and a half in a web-centric career, Adam recently joined Bottle Rocket; a strategy, design and development agency devoted entirely to native mobile apps.   He'll share some things he had to un-learn, learn…and is still learning about philosophy, process and expectations along with a few useful resources. 

About Adam Polansky

Adam PolanskyFor over 30 years, Adam Polansky has been closing the gap between ideas and reality  In a career that began in Advertising Design with few sharp turns along the way, his efforts contributed to successful projects across several industires for companies like Travelocity, Dr Pepper, Radio City Entertainment, Texas Instruments,  and American Express. He's an active  and established leader in the UX Community through organizations like the UXPA, The Information Architecture Institute, The IA Summit and Big (D)esign Events. A decided and dedicated storyteller, lecturer and author, he speaks regularly at conferences, schools and workshops.  His published work includes articles for the Journal of the American Society of Information Science & Technology, Boxes and Arrows, the Society of Technical Communication and the book User Experience Success Stories – How Organizations Improve by Making Easier-To-Use Software and Websites (Gower Publishing 2006)

This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Improving Enterprises. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Improving Enterprises.