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Seeing The World Through UX Eyes

Daniel Sanchez

If you (or your client) has ever said about UX, “I just don’t see it” - this presentation is for you. Using everyday non-software examples of user fails and successes, it opens your eyes to how living in the world is in itself a giant user experience we can all relate to, and how you can now relate those lessons back to your project. “Seeing The World With UX Eyes” has 0% heavy text slides. There will be, however, an abundance of humor, superheroes, movie memes, classic tv shows, James Bond gadgets, a heartwarming little boy named Jameson, and puppies. Lots of puppies.

Not kidding about the puppies.

About Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez is a Dallas UX consultant whose clients have included American Airlines, GameStop, Six Flags, SiriusXM and more. He is currently creating the corporate portal and style guide for American Eagle’s rebrand into Envoy.

He is a passionate and entertaining speaker who believes you learn more if you’re laughing, if you have to write it down it wasn’t simple enough, and has never used a bullet point to make a point.


“Funny and engaging.”
“His visual examples stay with you. I can use these in future meetings.”
“My perspective has changed.” 

This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Improving Enterprises. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Improving Enterprises.