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Striking a Balance

Nathan Smith

Middle ground in front-end development.

In the world of building Websites and applications, there will always be tension between opposing forces. One often wrestles with issues like Web standards vs. Flash, business objectives vs. real-world possibilities, and the age-old designer vs. developer tension. Nathan Smith will outline his philosophy and techniques for achieving balance in that gray area between idealism and implementation. He will also share some of his code tips and design insights gleaned while working at Viewzi.

He is convinced that many Web projects fail not because the people working on them lack intelligence or talent, but because personal agendas get in the way. Whether that be a client pushing that the Next Big Thing be included in their redesign, or developers disagreeing over the nuances HTML vs. XHTML, Nathan wants to return focus to building great apps. This session will be light on pontification, heavy on metaphor, and laced with pragmatism.


This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at The Art Institute of Dallas. This meeting was graciously sponsored by The Art Institute of Dallas.