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The Creative Mind

Bennett Litwin

Author, Bennett Litwin, shares his insights from his book called Brilliance: Understanding the Creative Mind, which is co-authored and illustrated by J. Schuh. In this talk, Bennett will talk about how creative minds work, strategies for overcoming blocks, and pitfalls of being a creative. In some cases, the greatest strength of being a creative is also a great weakness.

About Bennett Litwin

Bennett loves to write--fiction, non-fiction, TV shows, books, shorts, and more. He spends his time working with different types of creative people, so it is only natural that he would write a book called The Creative Mind.

In this book, Bennett Litwin (with co-author J. Schuh) explores many aspects of the creative mind. How do creatives get inspired? How do creative overcome their tendency to obsess over every small detail? Perfectionism, procrastination, pixel perfect, and playing politics are covered in this book.

If you are a creative or work with them, you will want to attend this insightful and fun talk by the ever witty (and always smiling)....Bennet Litwin.

This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Improving Enterprises. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Improving Enterprises.