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The Truth About Metadata and Schemas

Jeff Whitfield

Ever heard of metadata and schemas? Have you used Schema.org? If not, then this presentation is for you. Whether you're a designer, developer, SEO expert, content writer, or contributing to the web in some other way, learning about what schemas are will enhance your understanding of the semantic web.  In this presentation, we'll start by revisiting the history of HTML, talk about some of the roadblocks with HTML5, learn a bit about accessibility standards, and then dive into schemas. We'll talk about the history of schemas, how they're different from metaformats, and why Bing, Google, and Yahoo! are backing this standard.


Jeff's career as a web developer has focused on helping people build cutting-edge, custom websites using emerging standards, modern design, and the latest development techniques and frameworks. He works as a full-time developer and freelancer, currently working with Holmes Millet as a UI/UX Designer/Developer.



This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Improving Enterprises. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Improving Enterprises.