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Understanding Your Client’s Business: The Three Basic Building Blocks

Sree Hameed

Prompted by a post entitled "Designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.", the objective of this session is to provide a “quick and dirty” approach to help analyze a business. Much like how 4 basic proteins represent the building blocks of DNA, three basic building blocks – customers, products & services, and assets – represent the “DNA” of any business and helps understand their strategy. Join us for a (hopefully) fun and interactive session where we will:

  • Start with a very basic business model (a lemonade stand) and progressively work our way to increasingly complex business models.
  • Use examples of well-known brands and companies that we can all relate to.
  • Tie the discussion to contemporary topics like the sharing economy, service design, globalization and income inequality.

About Sree Hameed:

In his 20+ year career in the enterprise software industry, Sree has held various official roles in Marketing, Supply Chain, Risk Management, Product Lifecycle Management and Manufacturing Process Automation areas. Unofficially, he is a storyteller with a knack for simplifying complex topics and explaining them via visual concepts. Often known as “the PowerPoint guy”, these days he tries to spend time with UX people as he hopes to evolve the next phase of his career into this exciting space.

This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Axxess. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Axxess.