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Use Web Skills to Build Mobile Apps

Nathan Smith and Matt Baxter

What was a novelty is now the norm. Smart phones are rapidly outpacing personal computers in terms of overall usage. Mobile is here to stay.

For years, the way to reach the widest possible audience has always been: Build a website. While the Web is still just as important, the rise of mobile has placed an increasing emphasis on apps. In this talk, Matt Baxter and Nathan Smith will show you how to take the skills you've honed — building sites in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — and apply them to building mobile apps.

We will cover building a basic web app, driven by a JSON API, and show how this can be embedded into a mobile app. Technologies discussed will include: Sass & Compass, PhoneGap, Handlebars.js, and Zepto.js (a mobile-centric JS library that is akin to jQuery).


Nathan Smith

Nathan is a Principal UI Architect at projekt202. He considers himself to be somewhere between a left and right-brained thinker. He equally enjoys thinking through wireframes and interaction design, or crafting UI line-by-line in code.

He began building web sites late last century, and has worked with large companies like Albertsons, EMC, and HP. Lately, he has ventured into doing increasingly more work on mobile apps. He created the 960 Grid System (960.gs), a design and CSS framework for sketching, designing, and coding page layouts. He also made Formalize (formalize.me), a JavaScript and CSS framework that endeavors to bring sanity to form styling.

When not geeking out about design and tech stuff, he can usually be found being overrun by his two sons, and generally enjoying fatherhood. He is also active in his local church, and holds an M.Div. degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Matt Baxter

Matt is a UX designer and developer at projekt202. Matt has a unique combination of skills in web development, interaction design, and visual design. With great creativity and a strong technical background, he creates digital experiences that look great and are enjoyable to use. Working mostly in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, he has designed and developed great web sites and applications for desktop and mobile devices.

Matt has experience working with multiple industries including aerospace, travel, and retail. His main focus in the last few years has been on mobile web and mobile applications. When not glued to his computer, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, drawing, and playing competitive sports.


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This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Improving Enterprises. This meeting was graciously sponsored by Improving Enterprises.