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Web Application Interface Design

Garrett Dimon

A detailed look at what makes an interface great.

Designing a good interface is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of creating a Web application. Balancing user requests, business requirements, and technology makes it difficult to give quality time to the interface. However, a good interface can increase customer satisfaction, reduce support requests, and give your application a leg up on the competition. Time invested in improving the interaction of an application is some of the most valuable time you can commit to the future of your app.

Garrett Dimon will share all the details, both good and bad, from his experience designing and developing his own Web application. He’ll discuss the evolution of features from concept to execution and show the external forces that shaped the ideas along the way. From lessons learned to non-examples, he’ll talk candidly and in depth about the surprising amount of details that can make or break an interface. In addition to sharing his own hands-on experience, he’ll also discuss examples of unique visual, information, and interaction design that break the mold and are taking the latest Web apps to the next level.


This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at Ackerman McQueen. This meeting was graciously sponsored by EMC's 404 User Experience Design Group.