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What 'Doodlers' and 'Coders' Can Teach Business About Experience Design

Candy Bernhardt

If you are a key leader in your business, you might wonder why creatives and developers can be so argumentative about seemingly straightforward feature requests for your site. Likewise, if you are one of the talented people doing the actual design and code work, it can often be frustrating when “suits” don’t understand the fundamentals of good user experience. It’s time for an intervention!

Come explore an approach for clearly communicating, both internally and to the public users of your site. Learn how to keep your team motivated by thinking in terms of how real humans interact via technology. Beyond the typical planning process involving scenarios and personas, what personality does your site convey? Does it relate effectively? How does it affect profitability? Let’s get back to the basics of genuine dialog, and maybe even reminisce about high school.


This Meeting Happened in the Past

It was held on to at imc2. This meeting was graciously sponsored by EMC's 404 User Experience Design Group.